Parfix CA Glues

The Parfix CA Glue that we carry has low to no odor and no smoking paper towels. It also has a 40 to 60 second time delay giving you the time to get the job done with out rushing. The 3408 has a viscosity of 5 centipoise(cps), 3460 is 45 cps and the 900 is the normal medium thickness. So what does that mean? Water has a viscosity of 1cps so when using the 3408 as a finish or hardener for soft spots in wood, it will soak in deep. I will be sharing a video soon as well as a free zoom session. Any questions, feel free to email me any time and I will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.

Centipoise is a measurement of fluid viscosity.

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Join me for my first FREE ZOOM live demo on my own. I will be sharing the use of Parfix CA glue as a finish on wood turnings. A Q&A will be included, so bring your questions!

We now have Vonax bars for polishing your plastics and lacquer it is being sold in full bars as well as half bars. Find this parfix ca glue page

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